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Nov 27, 2012 6:00am PST
government has come up with an outline of a new green energy plan. it's trying to put an end to nuclear power generation by the 2030s. cabinet ministers involved in shaping the country's energy policy got together on tuesday. they set a target to allow commercial use of wind-generated power sometime after 2015. they also decided to try by 2030 to set up a system that will automatically control and save energy use in all households in the country. the government has been trying to draft a green energy plan since september, hoping to put it together by the end of the year. but it's uncertain whether this target will be met. that's because the lower house has been dissolved and a general election is scheduled for next month. >>> eurozone finance chiefs have finally reached an agreement on a greek bailout. they have also decided to offer 43.7 billion euros or about $57 billion in loans. the decision came after 12 hours of talks in their third round of meetings this month in brussels. >> i'm pleased to announce that today we reached a political agreement on the next disbursement to greece. let me
Nov 22, 2012 6:00am PST
earthquake would release 32 times more energy than the nine tremor that struck northeastern japan last year. the woshld's largest known earthquake hit chile in 1960 with a magnitude of 9.5. the seismologist said that would occur only under particular circumstances. for example, the fault that spans 8,800 kilometers along the northern pacific rim trench would have to shift by 20 meters. >> i'm not saying a magnitude ten earthquake will definitely occur, but people should be aware of what could happen. >> he says such an earthquake would result in tremors lasting 20 minutes to an hour and triggered tsunami for several days. >>> experts have been predicting another large quake will strike japan. one area at risk is the southern coast. officials as many as 320,000 people in the region could die. they say a major tremor could strike wakayama especially hard, killing up to 80,000 people. >>> nhk world took a look at how residents of one town are trying to prepare. >> reporter: if there's a major earthquake, people will have to head to higher ground no matter what time of day or night. this area f
Nov 26, 2012 6:00am PST
dealing with the economy. 21% replied reforming social security. and 11% cited energy policy, including the use of nuclear power. the disapproval rate for prime minister yoshihiko noda's cabinet hit a record high at 64%. that's a three percentage point increase from a week ago. the approval rate remained unchanged at 22%. voters were also asked who they would prefer as prime minister. the two choices were the incumbent yoshihiko noda, who heads the democratic party, or shinzo abe, leader of the opposition's liberal democratic party. 21% of respondents chose noda. 26% favored abe. but almost half, or 49%, said they wanted neither. >>> japan's top government spokesperson says officials are gathering information in anticipation of a possible missile launch by north korea. u.s. satellite images indicate north korea recently transported what are thought to be long-range ballistic missile parts. japan chief cabinet secretary osamu fujimura says his government closely monitors missile-related activities in north korea. >> translator: we will work harder to gather and analyze information and wi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3